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Best Essential Oil Cleaning Tips

Did you know that within one minute of breathing, oxygen has been delivered to every cell in your body? That's right, one minute is all it takes to re-oxygenate your entire body.

So can you imagine how breathing oxygen infused with essential oils, for just one minute can send so many benefits soaring through every cell in your body?

We all know it’s better to clean our homes with natural cleaners instead of chemical ones.

So imagine how much greater the benefits of cleaning our homes with essential oil natural cleaners would be.

But 'how do we do that?' And 'why should we make the effort?' 

In this blog post we will address these questions and share some of the reasons and benefits to using essential oils for cleaning our home.

Now that you know how fast oxygen gets delivered to every cell in our body, imagine these same effects when smelling chemicals! NO, NO, NO..

We know that our body has a great defense mechanism and tries to filter out every possible chemical,  but it can't always do that, especially through the respiratory system. 

This is why smelling harsh chemicals has been related to cancer, birth defects, lung conditions and many other issues!

By eliminating chemical cleaners and replacing them with essential oils and natural products you are not only removing many toxins from your life, you are also adding the many wonderful benefits of essential oils to your everyday life! 

So you get the benefits of disinfecting and cleaning your home, plus by smelling (this means they are entering your cells through the oxygen you breathe) the oils as they linger around your home!


One of the most important parts of cleaning is disinfecting our home, so we highly recommend using oils that have disinfectant properties.

No need to worry about not having the right oils, if you only have a few oils you will most likely have some on this list as there are so many to choose from.

-LEMON - One of the top oils for cleaning because of the amazing freshness it delivers, and of course because of the anti-fungal, anti-septic and astringent properties, those are a lot of great properties.

-LEMONGRASS - Has anti-bacterial properties and is great in helping prevent infection. 

-CLOVE - Has strong anti-microbial properties, great to help kill unwanted bacteria.

-ORANGE - Has been known to uplift your mood, smells wonderful, has anti-microbial activity and can help prevent the growth of fungi.

-MARBLE (Our Clean Blend) - When formulating this blend, we chose the oils that have the most ANTI- so many things, that are best known for cleaning benefits, so if you are looking for one great oil to clean with, this is the one we have designed for you, just add this and your favorite scented oils and you can get your cleaning started.

-TEA TREE - It has anti-septic properties and is most popular for disinfecting, great to use when someone is sick.

-ROSEMARY - It has anti-fungal properties and helps to boost your immune system.

-PEPPERMINT or SPEARMINT - These two oils have many anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties and smell so fresh.


Mixing scents is much more fun, it’s exciting to see what scent you get when mixing some of your favorites together, don’t be afraid to try, little by little you will find what you love.





-MARBLE (our clean blend) + PEPPERMINT

-MARBLE (our clean blend) + GRAPEFRUIT 

You can always add your favorite oil to make a blend that is more lovely and appealing to any of these oils. Plus, all essential oils have health benefits and most have some types of ANTI- properties, so don't worry too much about having to use only certain oils, they are very versatile.


One of my favorite ways to use essential oils for cleaning in my home is with a multi purpose spray bottle.

It has many uses, from cleaning countertops and scrubbing toilets to cleaning spills and mirrors. 


-⅓  cup rubbing alcohol 

-½  teaspoon natural dish detergent 

-50 drops essential oils (blend of your favorites)

-28oz spray bottle 

Add all ingredients together and fill to top with water and shake well.

 Another way I love to use my oils is in my bathtub scrub.

I replaced my cleanser with this scrub and I love its functionality.


-1 cup baking soda

-1 cup borax

-1 cup salt

-30 drops lemon Essential Oil 

Mix well then put into a salt shaker jar. 

To make a paste like scrub


3/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup castile soap

1 Tbsp. water

10-15 drops of lemon essential oils 

Add ingredients together and stir well with a fork.

Our furniture is something that can also benefit from oils, here is a recipe that has been fun for polishing furniture.


-1 ¼  cups olive oil

-½  cup white vinegar

-1 Tsp castile soap

-2 Tbls vegetables glycerin 

-25 drops orange Essential Oil 

Add all ingredients into a spray bottle and shake well. Spray onto a dry cloth and wipe down furniture.

Of course laundry was on all our minds when we mentioned replacing chemical cleaners. 

Yes, you can use essential oils when doing laundry and receive many health benefits!

I have used this recipe for laundry detergent for over 3 years and it has worked well for me!


-8 cups baking soda

-5 cups of borax

-2 bars of natural soap grated small (Naptha bar soap works too)

-30-40 drops of essential oils

Mix all ingredients well and keep in a container with a lid on.

This has been my favorite so far, but there are many other variations of liquid Laundry soap you can also try. 


-Store bought laundry soap (as natural as possible)

-3-5 drops per load

If you just want to improve what you already have or don't have the time or desire to make your own laundry soap from scratch, no worries, this way is also very beneficial.

Just keep a small jar with a lid near your soap and your favorite essential oils for laundry, add the soap to the jar and then add a few drops of oil, put the lid on and shake well.

You can also add essential oils to the whole jar of detergent.

I replaced all my dryer sheets for wool dryer balls and added essential oils to them.

You can add a few drops per batch or add 10-15 and use the balls for a few loads. I find each person has their preference and the exact amount depends on what oil you use.

But what if my clothes are stained??

No need to worry, I have discovered my favorite way to remove most stains from my clothes is to sprinkle baking soda on the stained area, then spray that area with hydrogen peroxide, let it sit for an hour or so depending on the stain, you may need to rub or scrub a little, then continue to wash as usual. 

This has removed many wine stains, blood stains and food stains ect. over the years. It has also removed many stains from my granite countertops!

We hope that this inspires you to make cleaning with essential oils your favorite way to clean your home as it is for us, or if you are already like this, I hope this has inspired you in new ways.

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