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About Us

Joni LeBaron CEO Shades of Nature

Born out of a desire to help others create a happier home and live in a healthier environment, Shades Of Nature offers an array of luxury home décor products that beautifully display your essential oils and aromatherapy products. We offer a catalog of essential oil holders that properly display and organize your essential oils as well as handmade, real stone diffusers.

Shades Of Nature began as a solution that would help people organize their essential oils and in turn use them more often. After 4 years of selling only hand carved essential oil holders, we brought to market our real stone diffuser, which is the first of its kind and a perfect companion to our oil holders. Since then, we are proud to have expanded and offer an extensive catalog of handmade oil
holders and real stone diffusers in an array of different stones and sizes.
At the heart of our brand lies our commitment to helping individuals create a healthier environment for themselves and those around them. We take pride in our mission to provide our customers with beautiful and natural products, and aim to encourage the use of essential oils by creating an organized way to store and display them. Directed by a vision to be leaders in the natural essential
oil and aromatherapy industry, we are focused on shaping the industry landscape and setting the example for what a luxurious, high end, and real stone product should be. Through our wide catalog you’ll be able to find the perfect real stone diffuser or essential oil holder that matches your needs. Head to our ‘shop’ page to begin your journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle!


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