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The Aromas of Romance

Valentines Day is a day we all want to spend with our loved ones. A day set aside to show them a little more of our love for them and a time to share what is in our hearts!

We also celebrate Romance on Valentine's Day and acknowledge it little more. You may be wondering what essential oils have to do with this holiday?. But let me assure you, essential oils and essences have been used for thousands of years for this very purpose!

The ancient civilizations used infused oils to add aroma to their bodies and make their skin more attractive, crushed flowers and leaves, to add sweet aromas to homes and more.

In more modern times we see how aromas are often used to attract the opposite sex, in perfumery, cosmetics and scented candles to set the mood, energy and feeling of the moment.

Have you ever found yourself attracted to certain aromas or have an aroma trigger certain feelings and emotions? This is because our olfactory (smelling system) is directly connected to our frontal cortex. This means that the aromas go directly to the conscious part of our brains and they tend to bond to memories and trigger feelings and emotions.

Our Bouquet blend is made of many beautiful floral essential oils. Floral essential oils trigger feelings of love, acceptance, self respect, forgiveness and healing the broken heart.

Have you ever wondered why it is a tradition that flowers are always given to show love, caring, or to give condolences?? Even when we are needing forgiveness from someone, flowers have been gifted for centuries on these occasions! This is because the aroma from flowers triggers these emotions, and feelings.

Love Fully



I know that for many Valentine's Day can bring pain and heart ache as well. Maybe remembering someone you have lost, or dealing with feelings of loneliness triggered by this holiday. Well the good news is that essential oils can help one to heal and be comforted emotionally, to feel connected and to have more self love. The use of Jasmine to help heal sadness and grief, Eucalyptus to help release negative emotions, Rose oil  to aid in forgiveness and Bergamot to help you love yourself more.

Healing the Heart

     In a 10ml Roller Bottle

  • 1 drop Rose
  • 1 drop Jasmine
  • 4 drops Eucalyptus
  • 6 drops Bergamot
  • Fill to top with Fractionated Coconut oil

Rub at the base of the neck and on the heart. Inhale deeply.

Flowers are so beautiful, but how amazing is it that we can bottle up these beautiful aromas that have these benefits and many other health benefits throughout the year?
What a better gift to give on this wonderful holiday than a Bouquet in a bottle?
For anyone you might want to share your love with, or show that you care, this is the perfect oil for this occasion.

We also have an amazing blend called Silk this blend is primarily focused on (yup you guessed it) Romance! This blend has a couple of floral essential oils also accompanied by some more musky tones. The beauty of this combination is that its oils are used as an aphrodisiac! I know it is absolutely wonderful!
They can trigger romantic feelings, help you to relax, stimulate libido, unwind and enjoy your partner.
It also has super relaxing qualities, due to its floral oils, that help you to forgive, love, open up and bond with one another.

This is a beautiful gift for that very special person in your life!

Date Night Linen Spray

     In a 4oz spray bottle add.

  • 15 drops Silk
  • 8 drops bergamot
  • 1/8 cup witch Hazel
  • 1/4 cup water
  • Shake well.

It is amazing to me that with the technology of modern times we have discovered with scientific proof what the ancients knew without explanation, there is a reason why these aromas have been a precious commodity to civilization for thousands of years! Today they continue to be as precious to life as they were

Happy Valentine's Day!

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