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Ways To Use Essential Oils To Help Your Anxiety

The way you start your day can make a really huge difference in how you feel throughout it. But when you find yourself in a bad mood and needed a way to relax, you can try these quick and simple ways to use essential oils that can help with anxiety and keep you calm.

Lavender - enjoy a relaxing lavender bath by combining several drops of lavender oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil or an unscented bath gel. Stir the mixture into warm bathwater just before entering. This is my favourite morning shower routine and definitely helps my day be more calm.

Bergamot - place a few drops of bergamot oil onto a cotton ball or handkerchief. Inhale the aroma two to three times to help relieve anxiety.

Chamomile - massage diluted chamomile oil into your skin or add it to a warm bath.

Rose - soak your feet in a basin filled with warm water and diluted rose essential oil. You can also add rose oil to your favourite non-scented moisturiser or shea butter and massage into skin.

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