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Trimming the Tree with Oils

The Christmas season is off to a great start and as we are getting ever closer to that big day, we begin to look forward to the tree that will brighten our home and make it really feel like Christmas. The tree is such a profound symbol of Christmas, you won’t see a house without one. We use the evergreen tree for Christmas because it is green and fresh all year round. It brings color to the winter season and joy to all who see it.

Now that it’s time to get the tree we have a lot of decisions to make. The first big one is, a live tree vs a plastic tree, where to put it, how to decorate...lots of decisions. And to be fair, all have valid points. A live tree, for example, is a lot of fun to cut down and bring home. It smells wonderful with its fresh pine scent, but a plastic tree can look just as nice and with the right oils, can smell just wonderful. 

Wait, did I just say oils? That’s right, did you know that you can put a few drops of your tree scented oils and have it smell just as nice?

We have created a diffuser blend that is perfect for trimming the tree and making your home smell like a fresh Christmas tree all season long.

Trimming the Tree Diffuser Blend

Trimming the Tree Diffuser Blend, 3 Drops Lounge, 2 Drops Pine, 1 Drop Peppermint


So try out this amazing right now and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the next Amazing Christmas oil post.

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