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Playtime with Essential Oils


(E-scential Recipes* brought to you by Shades Of Nature Essential Oils)

Homemade Playdough has been around pretty much forever, it's good, old-fashioned, wholesome, clean fun, but I bet that your momma never made you any playdough like this!

Sometimes I wonder how my mom ever managed to raise 6 kids without the aid of essential oils, I honestly don't know if I could've made it through raising my kids without them, essential oils have been such amazing tools in my life!

Adding your favorite essential oils to homemade (or store-bought) playdough is a simple, inexpensive way to give an old family tradition a brand new twist while providing all the benefits of aromatherapy for your child too!

It's been well established that playing with playdough helps children foster creativity, increase hand-eye coordination, and of course, it provides sensory stimulation that is both mentally and physically engaging for them as well as emotionally soothing too. Much like many adult "hobbies", playing with play dough can help to destress and distract a child, allowing them to get things that are troubling to them off of their minds for a while.

Adding the "scent-sational" experience of essential oils to playdough enhances the emotional benefits of playing with it, and depending on the essential oils you choose to use, it may also benefit their immune systems, as well as increase mental focus and alertness.

Give our recipe a try, it will quickly become a family favorite for your kids and grandkids too!



1/4 C. CELTIC SEA SALT finely ground



ESSENTIAL OILS of your choice
(WARNING: be sure not to use essential oils that are hot, like clove, cinnamon, thyme, and oregano, so they don't irritate your child's skin or eyes. 12 - 24 drops of essential oil can be used depending on the essential oil you decide to use and how strong you want the aroma.)


FOOD COLORING of your choice

1 MIXING BOWL (Stainless steel or glass are best.)
1 SPOON for mixing
1 FORK for mixing
1. Add flour, cream of tartar, and salt to the bowl.
2. Mix dry ingredients together, and form a well in the middle of them.
3. Add 1 tablespoon of the vegetable oil and 12 to 24 drops of essential oil to the well in the flour.
(You decide how much to use depending on your desired aroma intensity.)
4. Mix the oils into the flour mixture with the fork until it resembles coarse meal.
5. Add 5 to 20 drops of food coloring to the hot water.
(You choose how much to use depending on your desired shade of color. Example: for sky blue use 5 drops of blue food coloring, for dark blue use up to 15 drops.)

6. Mix the water and food coloring with the spoon until thoroughly combined.

7. Pour 1/2 cup of the boiling water into the mixture and stir, add the additional 1/4 cup a tablespoon at a time, mixing with the spoon until the desired consistency is reached.

8. Place your playdough onto an oiled surface, then, with clean, dry hands knead the playdough for a couple of minutes until it feels smooth and pliable.

Switch up your colors and choice of essential oils for a rainbow of scented fun!



If your playdough feels too sticky add 1 or 2 Tbsp more flour, but if it feels a bit too tough just add a tad bit more water and knead it until smooth again.
Your finished playdough should feel soft, smooth, pliable, and smell amazing!

Store in a Ziploc baggie, make sure to squeeze the air out before zipping it closed.

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