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Healthy Or Beautiful? Here's How You Can Have Both In Your Home!

On average we spend 87% of our time at home or indoors, that’s why it is so important to love the space that we’re in. And right now, it’s much more than normal.

Having a beautiful home makes us feel amazing just as being surrounded by a natural environment, so why not combine these two? You can always make your home as wonderful as possible especially when health doesn't have to be.compromised. There are a lot of ways to make it more balanced by combining home decor with holistic lifestyle without them going against each other, but rather complementing in a wonderful way.

Here are five tips for a beautiful and healthy home.

1. Set up a few oily stations.

It looks so beautiful and is so practical to have all the things we need in one space, and we always know where the oils are when we need them. Have some areas with your diffuser, an oil holder and your oils with a pretty water bottle to keep next to it, I promise if you have the water there, your diffuser will get turned on much more often, also, a small oil holder with oils to add to your water in the kitchen, reminds of to drink  more water and makes it so much more yummy too.

2. Make the switch to more natural products.

Plants help liven up a place and purify the air. Succulents are great for low maintenance plants and require occasional watering. You can also use natural air fresheners. You can easily make one for your home minus all the chemicals! Just simmer a pot of water and add a few sticks of cinnamon and a few slices of lemons or oranges. Another great way is to diffuse essential oils around your home, you will get a very pleasant scent that is so much safer for you and your family, than other toxic chemical scents. 

The best thing about this one, is that it really does not take more time, it's just choosing a different product to buy. I have found that not all natural products are overpriced, search and you will find your favorite brands, I know I have. 

3. Declutter your home.

Organising things and making your home environment clean and healthy helps with your overall health and wellness. When your surroundings are healthy and peaceful, you feel healthy and peaceful, too. Start transforming your homes into a fresh and more comfortable place. (What better time than now) And since you will be getting rid of a lot of things, try to keep the more natural items vs the synthetic ones, it really makes a difference to be surrounded by natural materials.

4. Choose what you eat.

One great tip is to put the healthy option in front of the shelves where you can see them first, or if you are really brave, just don't bring anything home that you don't want to eat, and the kids can't beg all day for candy. (When I was a young girl I went to the grocery store with my mom and her friend, I've never forgotten what my mom’s friend said after she had bought a bunch of junk food, “Don't ever go to the grocery store hungry, hehe”)

5. Exercise daily.

I know it’s not easy, especially when we have to do it at home, but it’s worth the effort, even just a quick workout a few days a week definitely improves our mental and physical health. Do something you love! Dance, play a sport, or spin a hula hoop.


Our health is the number one priority, and the number one priority for our homes is beauty and organization.


Shades of Nature has designed products that both value health and beauty for homes.

Our real stone essential oil diffusers create a beautiful atmosphere in the room, they smell amazing and bring the scents of nature into your home. You choose what smells you want and add them to the diffuser and you can even combine different oils to get a custom scent. The biggest difference is that they are not only natural but they enhance our health and make us healthier by choosing to make our home smell good instead of the other scents with chemicals.

We created our products with all of your needs in mind, to be an actual home decor piece and fit right in, and make your home more beautiful, smell amazing and healthier at the same time. You wouldn't want to hide it behind a vase, you will want to create a special area for it, where you can also place a beautiful stone essential oil holder next to it which will display your oils beautifully.


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