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Essential Oil Scented Pinecones

Using essential oils to in your home has many benefits, one is making your home smell amazing. We have a fun way for you to have the scent of pine trees in your home this Christmas season.

Pinecones are very traditional in Christmas décor and with this little recipe they will enhance the scent of fresh pine trees. We have two options for you to try, try both and tell us which one you like best. 

      Spritz a little onto pine cones, sachets, or onto anything you would like to freshen up with the scent of pine trees, or other evergreens and conifers.

   In a 2 oz. bottle with spray pump add 10 drops of essential oil and fill just to the base of the neck with rubbing alcohol and cap, shake vigorously until well mixed.

Essential Oil Scented Pinecones
Oils in the craft: Lounge
      Remember to shake before using.

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